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just Google flightlist (one word)

Book Flights. Simplified.

Made for digital nomads, remote workers & flexible travelers.

Discover alternate routes & cheap one way flights within a departure date range.

⭐ Search by country or region to discover cheaper routes you didn't know existed. Example: Netherlands → Italy or Europe → South-East Asia.

Sarah Belizaire

Have flexible travel plans or looking for alternative routes given the chaos? Check out all the connection possibilities via a super helpful site created by @ismaelyws thanks to @andy_travels for the recommendation #travel #flights

Roaming Sonaa

For people wanting to maximize their trips 🏖️, Flightlist is my newest travel hack for uncovering the coolest routes 🌍 at irresistible prices. No stress, no annoying ads — just seamless flight booking with amazing functionality.

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@ismaelyws Just tried out Flightlist for the first time. Really nice idea, well made, and just what I need at the moment 👍

Travel With Bender

Did you spot my recent article about how to score cheap one way flights? ✈️ FlightList is my new secret tool for discovering cheap routes, within a departure date range. Plus you can also search by country/region for departures & destinations. Powerful! 💪

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Cheap Flight Search Tips

Tips to help you find the cheapest flights.

  • Book 45-90 days before your departure date.
  • Fly during weekdays (Monday-Thursday).
  • Airfare Sales: Airlines sometimes offer huge discounts and since we take a bottom-up approach these flights will appear first in the results, so check back regularly because they don't usually last long.

Why I Built FlightList

❝As a remote worker and frequent traveler, I often book one-way flights and have flexibility with my departure dates. I prefer to search for the best deals and need a simple, minimal platform to do so. Many flight booking sites are cluttered with unnecessary options, images, and ads, which can be frustrating. That's why I created FlightList — a streamlined platform that allows users to search for flights within a departure date range and filter according to their preferences. I built FlightList to solve my own problem and help other travelers who may have similar frustrations with traditional flight booking sites.❞

- Hans Desjarlais, Founder & Creator Hans Desjarlais